Level Up! (insert Mario music)

I am starting today’s blog with a quote.  How wise Master Plato was.

“Never discourage anyone… who continually makes progress, no matter how slow.” ~ Plato

(side note-I now have Super Mario music playing in my head lol! Good job with the blog title Carre :P)

I have been ruminating lately on progress.  It is so easy to forget how far you have come from the beginning.  This applies to everything in life really, but my focus is on  health and fitness.  I have been thinking back to when I would pull out my treadmill and “count” songs as the length of time I was on it.  Continually striving to jog  “one more tune”  Back then it was much more difficult to stay within my calorie range because I was trying to eat like the person I was shedding.  No worries, I figured out this didn’t work well.  Often along the way I have stumbled. I lost my mojo so many times I can’t place a numerical value on it. But my mind fought to stay in the game.  (get ready to groan, I am about to get all cliche on you) This truly is a lifestyle change and that takes time.  Set a goal, crush it and move on.  Get uncomfortable, push through it anyway and onto the next.

There is no room for excuses. You are not “too busy”, “too tired”, or “I want it so I am going to have it” allowed.  We do what is a priority. End of story.  This is a dirty game folks.  Commitment and perseverance is how you win. Push through old destructive thinking and behaviors and growing into a more informed an evolved human being is what gets the job done. Oh and did I mention that “it” never ends. That is why it is a lifestyle. It isn’t about losing some weight.  Anyone can do that part. Those “anyone’s” will put it back on.

I am very goal motivated.  Each time I do ANYTHING it is like  a mini competition with myself.  I love to kick my own ass, wait- what? 😉  I am constantly striving for more.  Each phase brings me to a new challenge.  It started with eating 5 freggies a day, exercising 3X a week etc. My current goal is/was to stop drinking soda pop.  Today marks one month without any of the poisonous bubbly goodness.  Woot! I feel like I am getting close to saving the Princess! 😉

So Level UP! What’s next on my list to conquer? I will tell you what-a half marathon.  Hey, go big or go home buddy! 😉 lol

Keep going people.  No matter what life throws at you, dust yourself off and keep going. No one can stand in your way except yourself. Don’t let the old you conquer who you are meant to become!

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2 comments on “Level Up! (insert Mario music)
  1. peacebunny says:

    I love your enthusiasm, I’m trying to get there one day soon myself. I’ve always said that I hate diets cause I know they are temporary fixes and have always embraced the word lifestyle but haven’t lived it. I am trying everyday and on my bible fitness study, it has 2 words which are decide and commit and I try everyday to this cause ultimately this is what will get me to the finish line. So I’m glad you are leveling up cause people like you inspire me to challenge myself. Never stop and never give in! Great post and thanks cause I needed to read this today.

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