It all started..

It all started a week ago. My love woke up on Sunday morning and announced that he had an errand to run. Well Sunday’s are our days together and we always grocery shop and what have you.  I asked why I couldn’t come.  He just smiled and said “Because you can’t” After some badgering (No that can’t be right I would NEVER badger him lol ) he told me he was going out to get something for me. A prize? For me? YAY! 🙂

He went out that day and then last night he tells me that he has to make a stop after work. “Where?” I ask. “I can’t tell you” is his reply. (by now I am a little irritated by all of the ‘secrets’ between us 😛 ) He brought my prize home but I still couldn’t have it. And he was funny last night. He kept asking what time I would be off of work this morning.  Something was definitely fishy.

This morning I STILL wasn’t granted my damn gift. He had it all planned, he said.

We went to a local park for a hike.  We used to walk there all of the time but with his work schedule we just haven’t been able to.  I always enjoy our walks. We talk endlessly.  Near the end of the trail he wanted to sit down. (He never sits down. WE never sit down) He picked a bench near a stream in the trees. It was quite beautiful


(See ..told ya 😉 )

We spent some time relaxing. (By relaxing I mean getting DEVOURED by mosquitoes lol) And he asked me if I wanted my prize. I said “yes”, but I thought “Of course I want my damn prize you ninny, you’ve been tormenting me for a week!” He told me to close my eyes and hold out my hand- “No peeking” Then he made me cover my closed eyes. (Overkill much?) 😉 He asked me if I would still want my prize if it was a hairy spider. Dear god I hate spiders. I am terrified. So I of course told him if it was furry and crawled in my hand I would throw it into the water.  He was upset that I would discard Mona. (Yes he named the imaginary spider lol) So with my hand out he started to tickle my palm. No he didn’t fool me.  (Nice try Joe)

Then he placed it in my hand. (dear lord I need to stay out of chemicals and water lol…look at those hands! )



So that is how it happened. I got engaged to the Love of my Life today. He took me to one of our favorite places and made it special. As a bonus he gave me the ring I wanted- a white gold band with a heart shaped diamond solitaire ring.

Today was a perfect day 🙂


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2 comments on “It all started..
  1. Sam says:

    I just teared up.

  2. Janet says:

    OMG, I’m so happy for you!

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