Going to the chapel and we’re gonna get married

Hope you are singing it with me!

I am super excited. This Saturday I marry my Love. Honestly I feel married already, we are simply making it official with our parents, siblings and a few of our closest friends. Part of me wishes that we were having a large reception. There are so many people I would love to share our joy with that a small reception just won’t accommodate. They will be in my heart and we, will hopefully be in theirs.

My wedding day is nearly here and I feel as if I will have to wait a lifetime for it. LOL The twisted things that excited anticipation will do to you! This day is going to be perfect. My whole life I have wanted to be married outside, in nature, in the fall under the trees. He asked me at one of our favorite places to hike.  Once we picked a date, ie I picked a date lol, I called the park and asked where we could have our wedding. They offer 3 spots- one of which is my FAVORITE place in there. I call it Narnia. To me it looks like then entrance to a magical kingdom.

My Love and I both love Autumn and Halloween so the month of October was a no brainer but I picked the day strategically because it is typically the best week for fall leaf color. Cross your fingers. As for our love of Halloween, I will let the pictures I post tell you how we incorporated that into the mix. 😉 I made all of the decorations. My almost Mother in Law made the favors. Everything is perfectly “Us”

It appears we are having a warm October- which is amazing. I researched it all the way back to 2007 and lets just say we should have all been quite cold. But as of this morning the weather report says 72 and sunny.

As far as weightloss goes I am nearly there. I would like to lose 5ish more pounds but that is all for cosmetic reasons. I achieved a healthy weight sometime ago and have been maintaining for now. As you all know- some days are much better than others! lol

Hope you all have a WONDEROUS day!

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