Ready to Rock!

I have to say that 2013 was a great year.  Last year saw friendships begin it saw them end. In it I reached passed my original weight loss goal, something I didn’t think was possible.  It was the year I discovered that I loved running and decided to do an untrained for, mock half marathon. I did it. I also could barely walk for  2 days LOL but I digress. I got a job that supplemented our income and I actually enjoy showing up for it- that my friends, is a total win! 😉

In October I married the man my soul loves.

There were a few rough patches in there but that is life.  I embrace the ups and downs. I relish learning about myself and others. I enjoy my victories large and small. New challenges await- patience or rather the need to be better at having it tops my list.  Hell or high water I AM saving some money- I want a real house with a backyard and a basement. I want to lose those last few pounds.. Nutrition is also a top priority. I am making a firmer commitment to my fitness and I want to complete a real half marathon.

So long 2013 you treated me well but I am ready to make 2014 shine even brighter.


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